Our Projects

Italy and Romania have been our development site for sustainable and beautifully designed real estate projects.

Building Possibilities

As the second largest renewable energy company in Europe, Fri-EL is quite diversified: as well as having a leading position in the field of wind energy in Italy, the FRI-EL Group is also one of the most important players in the field of biogas production from agricultural products at national level.

The Group also operates 21 hydroelectric power plants, a solid biomass power plant, as well as one of the largest liquid biomass power plants in Europe.

In present, the company operates all over Europe, ensuring not only a green powered future, but also quality services through its subsidiary companies. Together with our partners and employees, we want to experience and shape a new future.

A future in which economic efficiency, sustainability, environmental friendliness as well as social responsibility are not contradictory but complementary in a lived philosophy.