About us

Developing durable and quality real estate projects with mixed use

Our experience along with the support of Fri-EL Group currently places us amongst the largest real estate developer companies in Western Romania. Our goal here is creating sustainable projects, entire neighbourhoods and a quality lifestyle for vibrant communities.

Our mission is to shape the future by creating beautiful and sustainable projects

Real estate development is not just about building homes, but creating communities. Through our projects we have created new landmarks, fresh neighbourhoods, vibrant communities and sustainable homes, which have positive impact in the long term.

This mission is aligned with our group philosophy, where we create and develop thinking about the world tomorrow and together for a better world.

Fri-EL Buildings is part of Fri-EL Group

The Group’s tasks and core competencies include all stages of plant planning, construction of the plant, production and sale of electrical energy from renewable sources, from the analysis and assessment of landscape to handling of approval process and the construction and designing of the plant as well as the production and sale of the produced energy.

The current success of the FRI-EL Group would not exist without the entrepreneurship, pioneering work and determination of the three brothers Thomas, Josef and Ernst Gostner. More than 20 years ago, they founded the Ener.CO S.r.l., which was the direct predecessor company of FRI-EL Green Power.

Building Possibilities

As the second largest renewable energy company in Europe, Fri-EL is quite diversified: as well as having a leading position in the field of wind energy in Italy, the FRI-EL Group is also one of the most important players in the field of biogas production from agricultural products at national level.

The Group also operates 21 hydroelectric power plants, a solid biomass power plant, as well as one of the largest liquid biomass power plants in Europe.

In present, the company operates all over Europe, ensuring not only a green powered future, but also quality services through its subsidiary companies. Together with our partners and employees, we want to experience and shape a new future.

A future in which economic efficiency, sustainability, environmental friendliness as well as social responsibility are not contradictory but complementary in a lived philosophy.

A complex approach upon high-quality living

Ateneo is not just about residential living, although we’ll have 21 residential buildings in the complex, but also about the people and their lifestyle. Ateneo will include multiple green areas, parks, sports courts, supermarkets, and full custom infrastructure so that you can enjoy every bit of your new home. Indoor and outdoor as well.

When modern architecture meets the classic lines, unique homes are born. We bring you the perfect home regardless of your needs. Lifestyle in Ateneo is exactly the way you want it, suitable for families, young people, or investors.

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